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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bank ATM's Converted to Steal IDs of Bank Customers

A team of organized criminals are installing equipment on legitimate bank ATM's in at least 2 regions to steal both the ATM card number and the PIN. The team sits nearby in a car receiving the information transmitted wirelessly over weekends and evenings from equipment they install on the front of the ATM (see photos). If you see an attachment like this, do not use the ATM and report it immediately to the bank using the phone on the front of the ATM.

The equipment used to capture your ATM card number and PIN are cleverly disguised to look like normal ATM equipment. A 'skimmer' is mounted to the front of the normal ATM card slot that reads the ATM card number and transm its it to the criminals sitting in a nearby car.

At the same time, a wireless camera is disguised to look like a leaflet holder and is mounted in a position to view ATM PIN entries.

The thieves copy the cards and use the PIN numbers to withdraw thousands from many accounts in a very short time directly from the bank ATM.

Foot note : Macam-macam lah sekarang ni....duit punya pasal..why must people act like this.How easy to get FREE money....nak duit...senang aje....buat internet biz..tak tahu belajar dengan pakar...gitu lah dunia especially Malaysia hari ini...everyday..ada saje kes bunuh...rasa betul-betul unscured di bumi sendiri...in fact....kat rumah pun boleh kena bunuh..what the hell is this...cewah marah betul ni....lagi la...tgk lah sebulan dua lagi....kadar jenayah akan meningkat dengan mendadak bahana kenaikan bahan api (fuel)...tak caya cuba dok depan TV..kira statistik kes bunuh dan rompak...scarryyyyy!!!

To all orang-orang yang berkuasa kat atas...sebenarnya tak ada yang berkuasa pun..yang ada DIA Yang Satu saja...So ...para pemimpinku di atas sana..jangan terlalu leka duduk di atas kerusi empuk anda tu..lupa kami yang sengsara ni...fikir-fikirkanlah..sebagai seorang insan...sudi hamba nak ingatkan....anytime anywhere...Allah s.w.t boleh tarik apa sahaja yang anda ada...

Sell Digital Photo for money(of course laaa...)

Learning how to sell pictures or digital photo online is not hard..very easy one!. It may seem hard at first especially newbie, but it is very easy and simple due to the recent advancement of the internet and users that need photos/pictures. People who run websites and such are in very high demand of photographs and if you can supply these shots you can reap lots of profit(money). I wrote this article to give you the first steps towards the world of making money selling your digital photo to the world.Why i use "world". Major reason is when we decided to sell anything(not only digital photo) via the internet, we already deal with everyone from everywhere in this planet. Got it! Or in other word, can say that our business is boundriless business!!! Wow! As i already mention in my previous post...why don't we change our hobby to money.This is what i mean.

There are many ways to sell your shots, but the easiest and fastest way is through stock photography. Stock photos may seem difficult and very perfect looking, however, with the advancement of the internet new micro stock agencies are coming out letting anybody submit photos and have a chance to earn money through the process.

When you submit a digital photo to these agencies you are paid every time someone downloads your photo. The amount you are paid for each download is small, around a quarter a download. But if you have a hundred photo getting downloaded every single day it can really add up. And once you have a photo uploaded, it can get downloaded for years to come!
The key to being successful with this process is to get lots of visitors to download your shots. Don't worry, it's not that hard. When you submit to popular micro stock agencies you don't need to worry about getting customers. These websites are visited every day by the thousands, by people craving pictures for their websites, books, magazines, etc.

Using Space in Digital Photography Easily

Space is a very important part of photography. Unfortunately, many photographers don't understand it quite well and as a result, don't know how to use it properly. This article will show you how to use the space in your digital photography to take much better photos.

When you take photos, whether you know it or not, you are using space. There are two different types of space that are used.

Negative Space

Positive Space

What are the two? Look at a photo and identify the subject. The subject takes up a certain amount of space in the photo. This space is called positive space. Everything around this area is negative space.

Now, there are certain times when you should use a little bit of negative or a lot of negative. The difference results in different emotional reactions and effects in your photos.

Let's look at an example. There is a shot of a little boy sitting on a chair. Using lots of negative would make a shot with a lot of space surrounding the boy in the chair. The effects could be a lonely looking boy or a boy with freedom. It all depends on the angling and lighting. If there was little negative space, the boy would take up most of the entire frame and would look more intimate or trapped within the room.

As mentioned above, the angling and the lighting also play big parts. How you compose your shot also makes an effect on the way the space is.

Al Sanez has a Free Photo course that teaches beginners digital photography tips. He also has a Digital Photography Guide

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Al_Sanez

Weekend yang bosan!

Pelik tapi benar....biasa weekend macam ni aku lah yang paling seronok...tapi kali ni lain pulak..bosan giler...tak tahu nak buat...asyik belek kamera aku dari tadi lagi....ooopsss...since morning actually....kepala macam kosong aje...spoke to muself what wrong with me??? hmmm..sendiri mau jawab lah yer....mana nak pergi yer...nak tido mata dah tak nak berkompromi lagi....apa nak buat yer...apa nak buat yer...macam-macam rasa ada ni....

isk! mati ler macam ni....esok dah keje....layan vcd lah...

tapi tak per..ni nak share knowledge sikit lah dengan kawan-kawan di luar sana...

Idea macam mana nak tingkatkan traffic ke blog kita...
mmm....actually blog ni kena 2-ways communication...baru lah nampak interactive.Because bila pelawat mengunjungi blog kita..might be they left some comments, so ...sebagai menghormati komen depa tu..elok lah rasanya kita reply balik.jangan diam aje....in other words, blog juga sebagai jambatan membentuk relationship...dapat ramai kenalan baru...macam hari ni saya kenal seseorang yang sama minat dengan saya....Lily...hai lily....thanks for visiting my clickcandid.blogspot.com.

Ok lah....nak amik angin kejap yer....sesak nafas berkurung dalam bilik ni...


Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to clean up digital camera lens

Digital Camera Lens is very sensitive and has be very careful when you want to clean it up. Few things has to be considered, not to scratch it in anyway.

Go to a camera store and buy some lens cleaner and a brush with a bulb on the end.

Remember!!! Do not use alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol which is the wrong kind of alcohol to use anyway has the potential of damaging some lens coatings with possible penetration into the body of the lens. Corrosion of lens seals and some electronic components may also occur over time.

Also alcohol isn't a suspension type cleaner which is what you need on a slick electrostatic charged surface like glass. Alcohol only exacerbates glass's electrostatic qualities.

I use on my $500 Pentax K100D DSLR a lens and optics cleaner you can get real cheap at Walmart's eyecare center. A small 2 oz. bottle costs around $2 with free refills. Spray on a brushed cotton t-shirt type cloth that's never been in the washer and dryer which can embed fine particles from fabric softeners and just plain dirt. Or get a cloth specifically used for optic glass and wipe in gentle circular motion. Keep turning over the cloth as you wipe up excess grime and solution. Never rub hard. Then use a soft brush to wipe of any fine dust or lint.

The first step is to remove any larger dust or dirt particles by using a very soft brush like the Ultra Brush. Starting in the middle, brush towards the outside edges of the lens or filter. Sometimes this is all that is needed to clean your lens. Canned air like Dust Pro or Vari-Air may also be used to remove larger dust or dirt particles.

To remove minor smudges or fingerprints, the Soft-Tek split micro fiber cloth is ideal. Be sure all larger dust and dirt particles have been removed with the Ultra Brush before proceeding. Start in the middle of the lens or filter and using a circular motion clean towards the outside of the lens.

Not all cloth material will remove smudges or fingerprints. Round fibers found in many cloth materials will tend to spread smudges and fingerprints. By contrast the triangular shapes of the fibers found in the Soft-Tek split micro fiber cloth act much like a squeegee wiping away smudges and fingerprints from the lens surface.

The extra thickness of the Soft-Tek cloth allows smaller dust and dirt particles to be swept up into the cloth away from the lens surface instead of being dragged across the lens or filter surface which might possibly cause a minor scratch.

If more aggressive cleaning is needed the combination of Premium Grade Lens Cleaning Tissue and Formula MC or LensBrite liquid lens cleaner is recommended.

Good luck!


Blogging about what you love to do.

I've done lot of research and study about most of the blog that available today. I found that many of bloggers do not know what their blog are all about.

Just make it simple. Why don't you just write something about your hobby. Did you know that, your hobby can make money for you. Like mine, i love photography and graphic, multimedia as well, so i creating my this blog, all about photography, digital photo, graphic(in process..) and also about the multimedia(in progress..). So, if you do what you love, i am sure you never get bored or bosan to update what have you done!!! Right or not. Trust me, if you just do what people do, you will easily give up. So, what happen to your blog? Blog which not being updated for quite some time known as "dead buried blog".

So, before you create your blog, just make a short brainstorming, what you want say/write about? Then, if you found your "niche", then you can start blogging.

Photo of The Day

How to get RM1000 with your digital camera???

Ramai penduduk Malaysia kini mahu mencapai kebebasan kewangan, oleh itu idea untuk membuat bisnes sendiri telah menjadi begitu popular. Salah satu peluang lumayan ialah menjadi free-lancer photographer/jurugambar bebas. Jika anda berusaha bersungguh-sungguh anda boleh mendapat antara RM500 ~ RM1000 seminggu.

Sebagai permulaan apa yang anda perlukan ialah digital camera/kamera yang sederhana harganya. Pastikan mutu digital camera diambil kira kerana sesetengah digital camera yang murah menghasilkan gambar yang tidak jelas. Anda juga memerlukan lampu spotlight dan stand, dan sebuah bilik hitam-dan-putih sebagai studio anda. Tidak perlu membeli peralatan yang canggih, sebagai jurugambar bebas yang penting ialah kualiti gambar/digital photo yang anda ambil dan bukannya perabot kayu yang berkilat – ianya tidak memberi apa-apa makna langsung kepada pelanggan anda.

Berapa banyak wang yang anda buat adalah bergantung kepada usaha yang anda mahu berikan dalam bisnes ini. Kelebihan sebagai photographer bebas ini ialah anda boleh mencari pasaran anda sendiri dan menetapkan harga anda sendiri. Jika anda hanya mahu bekerja pada hujung minggu, anda boleh memperolehi antara RM1000 sehingga RM2000 dengan mengambil photo perkahwinan secara pakej. Jika anda mengambil keputusan untuk bekerja sepenuh masa, anda boleh memperolehi RM50,000 atau lebih bergantung kepada kepakaran anda. Ianya bergantung kepada satu perkara, kebolehan anda menggunakan kamera untuk menghasilkan produk yang berkualiti. Orang sanggup membayar harga yang tinggi jika hasil kerja anda cukup memuaskan.

Dalam panduan ini kami menganggap anda sudah mengetahui bagaimana menggunakan camera, mengambil gambar/photo, pancaran lampu, komposisi dan teknik bilik gelap. Kemudian anda perlu tahu bagaimana membuat wang dengannya.

Peraturan pertama yang perlu diingati ialah anda mestilah jujur dengan kerja yang dilakukan. Jika anda ditawarkan kerja tetapi anda tidak begitu mahir, katakan sahaja tidak dan terangkan apakah kepakaran yang anda miliki. Apabila anda mendapat tawaran yang akan datang, reputasi anda akan diambil kira dan sudah pasti beliau akan kembali semula 1) kerana beliau percaya dengan kejujuran anda 2) kerana jika anda berkata boleh bermakna anda boleh buat.

Advertise your job

Buat portfolio iaitu iklan kerja anda pada satu kertas yang berwarna dan hitam putih bersaiz 8x10 untuk ditunjukkan pada bakal pelanggan anda. Portfolio yang bagus mestilah diisikan dengan gambar/slides bersaiz 35mm. Tayangkan pada kad bersaiz 8.5x11 yang disalut dengan plastik yang boleh diisikan sebanyak 20 slides.

Apabila anda sudah berpuas hati dengan portfolio anda, telefon agensi pengiklanan dan tunjukkan kepada pengarah artis mutu kerja yang anda boleh lakukan. Buat temujanji dengan kedai-kedai butik dan kedai-kedai fesyen di pusat membeli belah. Jangan lupa untuk berjumpa dengan industri dan kilang-kilang yang mungkin akan menggunakan khidmat anda.

Bersedia untuk menunjukkan portfolio anda pada setiap masa. Setiap orang adalah bakal pelanggan dan anda tidak tahu bilakan masanya anda akan berjumpa mereka. Bawa portfolio anda dalam kereta pada setiap masa. Jika anda berbangga dengan kerja anda, tunjukkan!


Perkara utama yang perlu diingat ialah anda menjalankan bisnes bukanlah untuk memberikan dengan percuma. Anda mesti tahu apakah harga yang patut diletakkan yang bersesuaian dengan mutu kerja anda.

Anda mungkin telah menjimatkan sedikit kos apabila bergerak secara sampingan tanpa perlu membayar sewa studio dan membayar gaji pekerja, tetapi anda mestilah tahu harga yang sepatutnya supaya anda boleh membayar kos dan usaha anda mendapat pulangan sewajarnya.

Dua cara untuk mendapatkan upah 1) Anda boleh meletakkan harga bagi setiap kerja – iaitu mengikut jumlah filem yang digunakan 2) Anda boleh meletakkan harga bagi setiap jam yang setimpal dengan kerja dan bakat anda. Harga ini tidak termasuk kos filem, mencuci dan sebagainya.


Samada ekonomi baik atau tidak- pasti akan ada orang yang berkahwin dan kerja untuk jurugambar bebas.

Iklan dari mulut ke mulut adalah alat pemasaran yang terbaik walau apa pun produk yang anda jual. Ianya akan menjadi semakin cepat jika anda mengambil gambar pengantin dan meletakan harga RM1000 bagi setiap gambar untuk kedua-dua keluarga, gambar dinding dan album istimewa untuk pengantin. Kemudian apabila mereka menjemput kawan-kawan untuk melihat, disinilah saham anda akan mula meningkat.

Anda juga boleh menunjukkan hasil kerja anda kepada kedai bunga dan kedai-kedai pengantin, butik dan katering yang terlibat secara langsung dengan perkahwinan.

Hanya beritahu kepada mereka bahawa anda berbesar hati untuk memperkenalkan bisnes mereka kepada orang ramai dan minta mereka membuat perkara yang sama.


Pastikan bahawa pengantin faham bagaimana anda meletakkan harga dan apa yang mereka akan dapat sebagai pulangan. Beberapa cara yang boleh anda lakukan:

1. Tawarkan pakej penuh daripada majlis berinai, berzanji, berarak , bersanding dan makan damai.
2. Majlis bersanding dan makan damai sahaja
3. Majlis bersanding sahaja

Untuk perhatian anda, majlis perkahwinan adalah lubuk duit bagi jurugambar bebas. Biasanya jurugambar meletakkan harga RM500 paling murah untuk mengambil gambar sebanyak 5 gulung filem. Jika anda mendapat dua tempahan pada caj yang minima setiap minggu , anda boleh memperoleh RM52,000 setahun. Bagi pakej penuh , anda boleh mendapat sehingga RM100,000 setahun! Ianya hanya bekerja sehari seminggu! Cuba bayangkan berapakah yang anda perolehi jika anda bekerja secara sepenuh masa!


Antara beberapa kerja yang boleh difikirkan oleh setiap jurugambar bebas:

1. Mengambil gamabr budak-budak sekolah, tadika dan sebagainya.
2. Pelajar universiti/kolej yang mengambil ijazah atau diploma.
3. Agen-agen hartanah
4. Agensi-agensi pengiklanan
5. Potret keluarga
6. Potret binatang peliharan
7. Acara-acara sukan
8. Gambar potret kanak-kanak

Semoga anda berjaya!

Digital Candid Photo

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Digital Printing Guide - Learn Digital Printing

Process of producing digital photo or images on physical surface like photographic paper, film, cloth or plastic etc. is known as digital printing. Digital printing enables you to take beautiful printouts of several digital photos. Quality printers can do a great job in digital printing.

You can get digital printing with good results by following certain tips. You should try to find the best printer with great print quality and fine ink system. Generally mid-range inkjet printers are the best for home use. You can also go for Canon Pixma iP4000 that has 5 color ink system. It has 5 individual replaceable ink tanks that enable you to replace one color instead of changing whole cartridge.

Photo paper is next important thing after printer. People should keep in mind that photo prints depend on paper that you use. Choose a paper with accurate thickness that generates fine colors and also has superior resistance to fading. You may choose thinner photo paper only if you want to place your photo in the photo album.

Digital printing depends on color contrast. You should try to use different colors to colorful images. Get them in large quantity for unlimited printing. Try to test some photos on different photo papers then select the best photo paper to create memorable photos.

About Author: Author presents a website on Digital Printing. Website offers some tips and tricks about digital printing. It also provide information about digital printing, color digital printing, digital photo printing, and digital printing services. You may visit his site digital photo printing.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sardool_Sikandar

Software, which makes Digital Photograpy Possible

Digital photography means creation of digital photographs by making use of a digital camera or through scanning of a conservative photograph. After that you can print the photographs with the help of a normal printer.

There are many advantages of digital photos. There is no need of a film in it so there are no processing costs. The other advantage is that there is no wastage in such photography. You can delete the unnecessary material. Another merit is that such cameras are light in weight and easily transported wherever necessary. Digital photos are stored for a longer period and you can create limitless copies.

Digital photography is useful when photos are to be exhibited on web. Digital photo software is useful for making, improving, arranging, controlling and printing digital photos in different ways. If you are a new comer and in search of digital photo software, basic editing software is your answer. Such type of software has editing features that permit you to do various tasks like molding, sharpening and many other functions.

Advanced Photo Editing Software supplies more power to your photo editor. Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop CS are the two main types of advances editing software. This software proffers a broad range of tools for creation and manipulation. This type of software is useful for both advanced users as well as for beginners.

Digital Photo Backup, Rescue and Recovery Software help user to make recovery of defective digital photo files as well as descriptions that were accidentally deleted from your store.

Author presents a website on digital photo software. This website provides information about meaning of digital photography and their advantages and different types of digital photo software. You can get more info about cheap digital photo software.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sumit_Sehghal

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hati-hati virus baru mengganas!!!

Dear all,

Be caution!!!New virus called "dirogol abang ipar" has been spread!!!

Please tell your friend not to open any email contains the message "di rogol abang ipar".

Until now, anti virus can't detect this virus.So...be careful.


Kenaikan harga minyak-Respon Menteri KDNHEP

...dipetik dari email sahabat UiTM yang prihatin...


Ada beberapa perkara yang saya nak komen terhadap ulasan yang diberikan oleh Shahrir Samad Menteri KDNHEP yang mempertahankan tindakan kabinet yang menaikkan harga petrol dan diesel dalam Buletin Utama TV3 malam tadi:

Antara hujah beliau yang menyatakan bahawa 'RAKYAT TAK AKAN TERBEBAN DENGAN KENAIKKAN HARGA MINYAK INI' adalah:

1) Rakyat tak terbeban kerana subsidi telah dipulangkan dalam bentuk wang pos RM 150 setahun bg motor di bawah 250 cc dan RM 625 setahun bagi kereta bawah 2.0 cc. (Ingat yg boleh dapat hanya semasa renew roadtax kalo dah renew tahun ni kena la tunggu sampai tahun depan)


Ok mari kita buat kiraan skit berapa sebenarnya subsidi yang dipulangkan.

i) Motor bawah 250cc:

Subsidi setahun : RM 150
Subsidi sebulan : RM 150/12= RM 12.5 sebulan
Harga petrol skrg: RM 2.70 per liter

1 tank penuh petrol (EX5 class) lebih kurang bersamaan 4 liter, dan boleh digunakan untuk pergi kerja lebih kurang untuk 3 hari (jarak rumah ke tempat kerja lebih kurang 20 km-saya).

Jumlah wang yang digunakan untuk bayar petrol untuk pergi kerja selepas harga petrol naik(andaikan 20 hari berkerja) :
= RM 2.7*4 liter*20 hari / 3 hari
= RM 72 sebulan tolak RM 12.5 (subsidi)
= RM 59.50

Jumlah wang yang digunakan untuk bayar petrol untuk pergi kerja sebelum harga petrol naik(andaikan 20 hari berkerja) :
= RM 1.92*4 liter*20 hari / 3 hari
= RM 51.20

Kenaikan yang ditanggung sebulan =RM 59.50 - RM 51.20= RM 8.30 sebulan @ 16% sebulan.

ii) Kereta di bawah 2.0 cc

Subsidi setahun : RM 625
Subsidi sebulan : RM 625/12= RM 52.08 sebulan
Harga petrol skrg: RM 2.70 per liter

1 tank penuh petrol (Kancil 660c) lebih kurang bersamaan 30 liter, dan boleh digunakan untuk pergi kerja lebih kurang untuk 5 hari. (jarak rumah ke tempat kerja lebih kurang 15km-isteri)

Jumlah wang yang digunakan untuk bayar petrol untuk pergi kerja selepas harga petrol naik(andaikan 20 hari berkerja) :
= RM 2.7*30 liter*20 hari / 5 hari
= RM 324 sebulan tolak RM 52.08 (subsidi)
= RM 271.92

Jumlah wang yang digunakan untuk bayar petrol untuk pergi kerja sebelum harga petrol naik(andaikan 20 hari berkerja) :
= RM 1.92*30 liter*20 hari / 5 hari
= RM 178.32

Kenaikan yang ditanggung sebulan =RM 271.92 - RM 230.4 = RM 41.52 sebulan @ 18% sebulan.

Pengiraan di atas hanya mengandaikan penggunaan petrol bulanan untuk pergi dan balik kerja sahaja.

Tetapi harus diingat semakin banyak kita gunakan petrol maka makin banyak lagilah jumlah kenaikkan yang akan kita rasai. Ini kerana semakin banyak kita gunakan petrol semakin banyak perbezaan kerana jumlah subsidi bulanan adalah tetap. Maknanya makin jauh tempat kerja seseorang, makin banyak liter petrol yang akan digunakan dan makin banyak lagilah peratus kanaikkan harga yang terpaksa ditanggung oleh pengguna.

Contoh jika jarak rumah ke tempat kerja ialah 30km (ambil andaian menaiki Kancil 660 tadi) maka:

1 tank penuh petrol (Kancil 660c) lebih kurang bersamaan 30 liter. Oleh kerana jarak sudah meningkat 1 kali ganda maka 30 liter minyak tadi hanya boleh digunakan 2.5 hari sahaja

Jumlah wang yang digunakan untuk bayar petrol untuk pergi kerja selepas harga petrol naik(andaikan 20 hari berkerja) :
= RM 2.7*30 liter*20 hari / 2.5 hari
= RM 648 sebulan tolak RM 52.08 (subsidi)
= RM 595.92

Jumlah wang yang digunakan untuk bayar petrol untuk pergi kerja sebelum harga petrol naik(andaikan 20 hari berkerja) :
= RM 1.92*30 liter*20 hari / 2.5 hari
= RM 460.80

Kenaikan yang ditanggung sebulan =RM 271.92 - RM 230.4 = RM 135.12 sebulan @ 29% sebulan.

Sebenarnya yang untung atas penstrukturan semula subsidi ini adalah golongan penggunan yang dekat jarak rumahnya dengan tempat kerja atau golongan yang membuat perjalanan bagi jarak yang dekat.

Masalahnya bukan semua golongan yang berpendapatan rendah membuat perjalanan dekat khususnya mereka yang tinggal di kawasan bandar. Sebagai contoh di Klang, kebanyakkan pekerja-pekerja berpendapatan rendah yang berkerja di Klang tidak tinggal di Klang kerana tidak mampu menyewa rumah di Klang. Kebanyakan mereka tinggal kawasan kampung seperti Banting, Kuala selangor, Ijok dll. Jadi penstrukturan semula subsidi ini akan membebankan golongan ini.

2) Teori domino ( kenaikan harga barang lain disebabkan kenaikan harga petrol) tidak akan berlaku kerana baranga lain khususnya barangan asasi seprti tepung, gula, beras dah mendapat subsidi khusus untuk barang tersebut.


Skrip lama diulang balik, dari Shafie Afdal dan menteri sebelumnya sampailah Shahrir Samad semua kata harga barang lain tak akan naik, tapi realitinya lepas tu SEMUA BARANG NAIK ATAS ALASAN KOS PENGHANTARAN MENINGKAT. Menteri Berdegar-degar kat dalam media kata KITA AKAN PANTAU...tapi last-last pemantauan ntah ke mana, tindakan ntah ke mana...yang sengsara rakyat marhaen sebab SEMUA BARANG NAIK HARGA.

3) Rakyat perlu bersama-sama membantu kerajaan bagi menghadapi kenaikkan harga minyak dunia.


Dari dulu kini dan selamanya... rakyat kena berkorban demi negara sedangkan menteri-menteri yang buata keputusan tidak pernah ambil langkah untuk berkorban demi rakyat. Apa salahnya dalam menghadapi kenaikkan harga minyak ni para menteri buat keputusan bahawa elaun bagi wakil rakyat dipotong 20% ke, elaun wakil rakyat akan dikenakan cukai ke, tubuhkan satu tabung khas yang mana dananya diperolehi oleh potongan elaun wakil rakyat bagi menangani kenaikkan harga minyak ke dll lagi

Ini tidak hanya rakyat disusruh berkorban sedangkan menteri dan wakil rakyat khususnya BN dapat elaun itu, dapat elaun ini, kereta free, minyak free, makan free, minum free, claim san, claim sini, tak cukup dengan itu siap rembat lagi duit rakyat san dan sini. Macam mana diorang suruh kita berkorban sedangkan diorang selaku pemimpin tak menunjukkan yang diaorang nak berkorban sama.

4) Last sekali, ubah gaya hidup rakyat ( ni bukan Sharir Samad kata tapi orang FOMCA kata)

Nak ubah macam mana sebab semua barang naik, bukan barang kehendak je naik tapi barang asasi pun naik gak. Takkan la sampai nak makan ubi kayu balik je kot, pastu pakai baju dari kain guni??

Saya rasa la yang kena ubah gaya hidup ialah para menteri dan wakil rakyat khususnya BN, bukan rakyat marhaean biasa yang semakin lama semakin ditindas, semakin lama semakin lapar, semakin lama semakin merempat kat bumi sendiri ini.



Kenapa Fotografi

Hobi orang ada macam-macam. Ada yang suke mancing, ada yang suka karaoke dan macam-macam lagi la...Aku pula suka fotografi. Asal ada benda yang menarik, pasti aku snap aje....kamera tu of course lah akan jadi teman setia aku. Memang gila-gila aku suka amik gambor. Walaupun aku tak de tertiary education pasal fotografi ni, tapi sedikit sebanyak tu tau la pasal teknik-teknik nak ambik gambar. Mana aku dapat semua ilmu tu....sudah tentu lah baca buku..baca dan baca...dan baca..dah juga berkongsi ilmu dengan orang-orang yang dah lama berkecimpung dalam dunia fotografi ni. Aku punya cita-cita, nak jelajah dunia...kalau boleh sampai ke antartika aku nak amik gambor. Majalah kegemaran aku adalah National Geographic. Pasai apa aku suka tgk magazine tu...sebab banyak photos yang memang menarik la...siap subsribe tu. Cantik lah cara shoot photo dalam magazine tu....heheh...you should have one. Dah berapa bijik kamera dah rosak....ada yang jatuh....ada yang dia punya memori card rosak...mmm..insyaAllah....kalau ada rezeki lebih aku nak "sambar" yang memang tak boleh rosak walaupun dibaling...:-) itu pun kalau ada duit lebiiihhhhh.....

Ok guys...petang-petang cam ni saje membebel benda-benda ringan....nak express my feeling aje...sebab ada org antor email tanya kenapa aku minat sgt dengan camera & fotografi ni....so..jumpa lagi...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

History of Photography and the Camera

"Photography" is derived from the Greek words photos ("light") and graphein ("to draw") The word was first used by the scientist Sir John F.W. Herschel in 1839. It is a method of recording images by the action of light, or related radiation, on a sensitive material.

On a summer day in 1827, it took eight hours for Joseph Nicéphore Niépce to obtain the first fixed image. About the same time a fellow Frenchman, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre was experimenting to find a way to capture an image, but it would take another dozen years before he was able to reduce the exposure time to less than 30 minutes and keep the image from disappearing… ushering in the age of modern photography.

Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, inventor of the first practical process of photography, was born near Paris, France on November 18, 1789. A professional scene painter for the opera, Daguerre began experimenting with the effects of light upon translucent paintings in the 1820s. In 1829, he formed a partnership with Joseph Nicéphore Niépce to improve the process Niépce had developed to take the first permanent photograph in 1826-1827. Niépce died in 1833.

After several years of experimentation, Daguerre developed a more convenient and effective method of photography, naming it after himself -- the daguerreotype. In 1839, he and Niépce's son sold the rights for the daguerreotype to the French government and published a booklet describing the process.

The daguerreotype gained popularity quickly; by 1850, there were over seventy daguerreotype studios in New York City alone.

...still alive :-)

Hi my dearest visitors,

Actually just came back from my home town. Has some holidays, just fresh back my mind. After the whole week, whole month full of work, work and work! Now, i am ready to take a new challenge. So how you day? Hopefully everything is fine after shocked about the increasing of petrol price. Mmmm...have to survive lol! It is so terrible and so horror! Can't think anymore. No idea at all!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beautiful Women in the world. Always in my heart! BUT unfortunately, she's belong to someone now :-(