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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blogging about what you love to do.

I've done lot of research and study about most of the blog that available today. I found that many of bloggers do not know what their blog are all about.

Just make it simple. Why don't you just write something about your hobby. Did you know that, your hobby can make money for you. Like mine, i love photography and graphic, multimedia as well, so i creating my this blog, all about photography, digital photo, graphic(in process..) and also about the multimedia(in progress..). So, if you do what you love, i am sure you never get bored or bosan to update what have you done!!! Right or not. Trust me, if you just do what people do, you will easily give up. So, what happen to your blog? Blog which not being updated for quite some time known as "dead buried blog".

So, before you create your blog, just make a short brainstorming, what you want say/write about? Then, if you found your "niche", then you can start blogging.