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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sell Digital Photo for money(of course laaa...)

Learning how to sell pictures or digital photo online is not hard..very easy one!. It may seem hard at first especially newbie, but it is very easy and simple due to the recent advancement of the internet and users that need photos/pictures. People who run websites and such are in very high demand of photographs and if you can supply these shots you can reap lots of profit(money). I wrote this article to give you the first steps towards the world of making money selling your digital photo to the world.Why i use "world". Major reason is when we decided to sell anything(not only digital photo) via the internet, we already deal with everyone from everywhere in this planet. Got it! Or in other word, can say that our business is boundriless business!!! Wow! As i already mention in my previous post...why don't we change our hobby to money.This is what i mean.

There are many ways to sell your shots, but the easiest and fastest way is through stock photography. Stock photos may seem difficult and very perfect looking, however, with the advancement of the internet new micro stock agencies are coming out letting anybody submit photos and have a chance to earn money through the process.

When you submit a digital photo to these agencies you are paid every time someone downloads your photo. The amount you are paid for each download is small, around a quarter a download. But if you have a hundred photo getting downloaded every single day it can really add up. And once you have a photo uploaded, it can get downloaded for years to come!
The key to being successful with this process is to get lots of visitors to download your shots. Don't worry, it's not that hard. When you submit to popular micro stock agencies you don't need to worry about getting customers. These websites are visited every day by the thousands, by people craving pictures for their websites, books, magazines, etc.