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Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to clean up digital camera lens

Digital Camera Lens is very sensitive and has be very careful when you want to clean it up. Few things has to be considered, not to scratch it in anyway.

Go to a camera store and buy some lens cleaner and a brush with a bulb on the end.

Remember!!! Do not use alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol which is the wrong kind of alcohol to use anyway has the potential of damaging some lens coatings with possible penetration into the body of the lens. Corrosion of lens seals and some electronic components may also occur over time.

Also alcohol isn't a suspension type cleaner which is what you need on a slick electrostatic charged surface like glass. Alcohol only exacerbates glass's electrostatic qualities.

I use on my $500 Pentax K100D DSLR a lens and optics cleaner you can get real cheap at Walmart's eyecare center. A small 2 oz. bottle costs around $2 with free refills. Spray on a brushed cotton t-shirt type cloth that's never been in the washer and dryer which can embed fine particles from fabric softeners and just plain dirt. Or get a cloth specifically used for optic glass and wipe in gentle circular motion. Keep turning over the cloth as you wipe up excess grime and solution. Never rub hard. Then use a soft brush to wipe of any fine dust or lint.

The first step is to remove any larger dust or dirt particles by using a very soft brush like the Ultra Brush. Starting in the middle, brush towards the outside edges of the lens or filter. Sometimes this is all that is needed to clean your lens. Canned air like Dust Pro or Vari-Air may also be used to remove larger dust or dirt particles.

To remove minor smudges or fingerprints, the Soft-Tek split micro fiber cloth is ideal. Be sure all larger dust and dirt particles have been removed with the Ultra Brush before proceeding. Start in the middle of the lens or filter and using a circular motion clean towards the outside of the lens.

Not all cloth material will remove smudges or fingerprints. Round fibers found in many cloth materials will tend to spread smudges and fingerprints. By contrast the triangular shapes of the fibers found in the Soft-Tek split micro fiber cloth act much like a squeegee wiping away smudges and fingerprints from the lens surface.

The extra thickness of the Soft-Tek cloth allows smaller dust and dirt particles to be swept up into the cloth away from the lens surface instead of being dragged across the lens or filter surface which might possibly cause a minor scratch.

If more aggressive cleaning is needed the combination of Premium Grade Lens Cleaning Tissue and Formula MC or LensBrite liquid lens cleaner is recommended.

Good luck!



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